You Can Help Restore Economic Freedom

The American Dream used to mean that everyone had a chance to achieve economic success. But instead, our government has created more regulation, increased taxes, and engaged in crony politics to make the American Dream less of a reality than ever before.  

Americans for Prosperity is a network of 3.2 million people throughout the country who believe in the virtues of economic freedom and will apply pressure to their Congressmen to uphold these virtues when free markets and a free society are threatened.

We believe we can restore the American dream. We believe that we can reduce regulation, lower taxes, and restore American prosperity and opportunity.

When you donate to Americans for Prosperity, your gift will go to help: 

  • Fight for lower taxes
  • Promote less government regulation 
  • Encourage economic prosperity for all 
  • Put a stop to cronyism and corporate welfare 
  • Advance the principles of economic freedom.

Make your donation to Americans for Prosperity using the secure form on this page.

To learn more about other ways to give, click here.

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